Since turning 21 over 6 months ago, I really haven’t had the opportunity to experiment with different mixed drink recipes. I really don’t drink all that much, but once I saw this Blood Orange Cocktail recipe from Local Haven I was bound and determined to try it. The colors are so vibrant and with the weather being so nice, I was just totally feeling the brightly colored spring vibes. Plus, I just love a good vodka cranberry, so I figured why not try this blood orange twist?

Blood Orange Cocktails

Blood Orange Coctail Ingredients

Blood Orange Cocktail Vodka

Sparkling Blood Orange Vodka Cocktail

You will need:Blood Orange Cocktail Drink

Let’s do this:

  1. Simple syrup
    1. This is literally the easiest recipe in the world. You get one part sugar, one part water, dump it into a saucepan and heat it on medium heat until all of the sugar is dissolved. Stir throughout. Once all the sugar is dissolved, take it off the heat and let it cool! Voila–simple syrup!
  2. Cut up and juice 3 blood oranges.
  3. Fill glasses with one part Blood orange juice, one part vodka, and add a splash of simple syrup.
  4. Plunk in a few ice cubes, fill the rest of the cup with some seltzer water and garnish with an orange wedge!

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Happy Friday!


Please Drink Responsibly!

2 thoughts on “Sparkling Blood Orange Cocktails

  1. Omg yummmmmm! I didn’t know blood oranges were so dark on the inside lol! This looks awesome though 🙂 Love that you made the simple syrup and used fresh squeezed fruit juice!

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