If there’s one thing in my life that is a constant, it would be my love of tea. You should see our apartment–we have three bins packed full of teas and coffees. With the abundant variety that we have to choose from, I think it’s really important to match your tea to your mood, or more importantly, use your tea as a mini pick-me-up when it’s been a particularly tough day. Anyways, without further rambling, here are my favorite teas (and my favorite mugs to drink out of!)

Earl Grey // img_1846Morning Motivator

Now don’t get me wrong, on clinical days when I need to be fully awake by 5 AM (or risk killing someone on the drive into the city), then I usually will reach for a cup of coffee. But on the rest of the days, I find that Earl Grey is the way to go. Not only is it a black tea, so it has that caffeine boost to get you going in the morning, but it has the most amazing bergamot and citrus flavor. My favorite is the Twinings Earl Grey, which you can find at pretty much any grocery store for 50 bags for about $6.

Now, about this mug. Yes, I do know it says ‘coffee’ instead of ‘tea’, but I couldn’t bear to use a different one. I love this mug not only because my brothers got it for me for Christmas, but because it’s the most fantastic color of green. If you want to grab one of these mugs for yourself, they sell them at target for like $6!

Chai Tea // Productive Vibes


I’m not sure if this stems from my chai addiction during freshman year of college, but whenever I need to crack down on school work, I reach for my handy Twinings Chai Tea. I love that it’s a black tea so it has a little caffeine, but it also has a kick of cinnamon, ginger, and a hint of black pepper that makes me want to get down to business.

Also on the chai front, my roommate just recently got me the Celestial Seasonings Dirty Chai tea bags and holy mama this stuff is rapidly becoming an everyday obsession with me. If you don’t know what a Dirty chai is, it’s a chai tea with a shot of espresso and it’s like a kick in the butt that gets you hyped to get your life in order. I didn’t know that you could get them in a tea bag, but LORD I realize now that I was missing out huge before I got this for my Christmas present!

I also love the Bhakti Chai, which is a cold chai latte. Bhakti is a company from Boulder, CO (my lovely hometown) that has the most wonderful chai drinks ever! I love their Original Iced Chai because it is so spicy! It has the most amazing zing of ginger and it is straight up addicting. On a hot summer day, it’s the perfect cool beverage with that pop of flavor. Plus the company was founded by a wonderfully BA woman from my hometown, so I’m always down to support local businesses like hers.

Lady Grey // Evening Wind Down


Yes, I do know I already mentioned Earl Grey, but this close relative is a show stopper that needed her own recognition. Twinings Lady Grey is probably my favorite tea of all time, and that is truly saying something. It’s very similar to Earl Grey in that it has bergamot, but I love it because it has a larger punch of citrus. I love to drink this in the early afternoon or early evening because it has a little bit of caffeine, but I find it so soothing that it doesn’t give me as much of a boost as the Earl Grey tea does.

This is my go-to tea whenever I’ve had a rough day because it helps chill me out but also doesn’t make me fall asleep in case I still have some extra studying to do.

Sleepytime Extra Wellness Tea // Under the Weather


Being from Boulder, CO I am a proud supporter of Celestial Seasonings, the Boulder-based company that is pretty much a rock star in the tea world. I just recently took a tour of their factory and it was fantastic. If you are ever in the area (and you love tea) then you should definitely check it out. But anyway, back to the tea.

I love Sleepytime Tea, and so when I found Sleepytime Extra Wellness Tea I had to have it. I love the blend of chamomile and spearmint that makes it super calming, but in the Extra Wellness Tea, they also add in valerian, a natural ingredient that is trusted natural sleep aid. This stuff is wonderful. I drink it before bed when I am feeling the beginning of a cold coming on and I feel like it helps my body relax and gets me on the track to healing quicker Placebo effect? Maybe, but either way, I love it.

Also, I couldn’t leave without talking about this mug. THIS MUG! Guys this is my favorite mug of all time. My friend Melissa made if for me for Christmas and it features my favorite poem of all time. I’ll leave the poem in its entirety below, but you all should check out Nikita Gill because this girl has mad skills.

93 Percent Stardust
We have calcium in our bones, iron in our veins,

carbon in our souls, and nitrogen in our brains.
93 percent stardust, with souls made of flames,
we are all just stars that have people names.
-Nikita Gill

And there you have it, my favorite teas and my favorite times to drink them! I hope you enjoyed this little herbal adventure! If you have any teas that you think I should try, leave me a comment below! I’m always open to adding to our vast tea collection.

Thanks to my lovely hand model, Jenny and thanks to all the lovely people in my life who keep giving me all these lovely mugs!

As always, thank you for reading! Hit subscribe if you haven’t and would like updates about some more posts about food, adventures, and ramblings as they come.

Happy Friday,


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