In this year of new positions, new schedules, and new responsibilities, I found my life was lacking in one huge department–self-care. As an RA, a volunteer EMT, a nursing student, an employee, a friend, a sister, and a daughter, the amount of time I had to take care of myself, was practically nonexistent. The sleep app I have on my phone gave me an average of 3.78 hours of sleep a night. My eating habits were completely in shambles considering the allotted 30 minutes of time between pharmacology and pathophysiology to do the lunch/study combo. Exercise? Yeah, that was the run across campus to meetings or class or work. In summary, while I was attempting to hold every other aspect of my life together, my own health fell to the wayside.

It took me some time off (i.e. winter break) and the realization that crying four times a week is not healthy, to finally get my act together and start thinking about my own health: mentally, physically, emotionally, social, etc. Every day in the hospital I get to talk with my patients’ about how their health status affects their lives, how it affects their families, and what I can do to help. It’s time I start asking myself these same questions.

In 2017 my goal is, yes, to do all the cliche things like getting organized, drink more water, and start getting my fitness routine back in action, but this year I’m doing it rooted in the idea that by implementing these things, I am making myself better. Hopefully, the rest of my chaotic life will follow in similar fashion.

SONY DSCSo, in my first act of self-care,  I’m asking for some help. When it comes to my own health I’m stupidly blind. I need an outside perspective–a critic, if you will–to call me out when I start pushing my own needs into the periphery.

Call me out. Make me stop for a breather. Maybe if you start noticing the tendencies I have of putting stress ahead of self, then you’ll start observing those same habits in yourself as well. I think we all need to work on our self-care in 2017.

Take care of yourself. Take care of your friends and family. Take care of each other. And at the end of the day, have a glass of wine for all your good work.

Happy Saturday. Happy 2017.

Take care,

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