This summer has been packed with a lot of working and lounging and whining about how there is nothing to do in L-town. Which, admittedly is probably our fault that we haven’t gone out and found stuff to do, but summer is about being lazy. Right? So, when the L-town Pal (as we like to call ourselves), decided to get off our lazy butts and do something, we went all out.

We made a plan to hike, go to the farmers market, and hang out a little bit in Boulder, CO (which is just a few minutes away from L-town, but an entirely different world comparatively). And so, since I had to work later that afternoon, and it was also the 4th of July weekend and going to be crazy busy on the hiking trails, we decided to get an early start. And by early, I mean like 7:30 in the morning. To say that I’m a morning person would be like saying Donald Trump isn’t orange…it’s just not true. So, even I’m shocked that I made it to the hike that started before 10AM. But I made it and I’m so glad that we ended up going early too because by the end, the sun was starting to get a little bit too toasty for our comfort.

My favorite thing about hiking with friends is the conversation and if you go hiking with Lauren, most of that conversation is going to be packed with hilarious remarks about hating every minute of the experience. Lauren hates hiking. Which makes for a wonderful plethora of remarks about the experience. Here are a few of the more memorable comments:

  • “I just want to say that I hate hiking. Ok, that’s the last I’m going to complain on this trip.” [five minutes later] “Guys I hate this!”
  • [After we talked about needing to cross a river up ahead which turned out to be the size of a tiny stream] “Wow, you guys really talked this one up.”
  • “I feel like I just climbed Mount Everest, but we really haven’t.”
  • [talking about going camping] “I’m going to need to bring my blow up mattress.”

In the end, the hike was amazing and it was great to get outdoors and do something together. This is a picture (below) I took looking back on the hike we just did. I love Colorado because there are still places like this where there’s only fields and nature and there’s no buildings obstructing anything. If you guys want to check out the hike, we did the one in back of NCAR which is the perfect amount of flat and hilly.


NCAR Trail

IMG_0875.JPGAfter the hike, hot and hungry, we decided to go to Rush Bowls, which is a smoothie bowl place on The Hill. They have a variety of smoothies to choose from and they top them off with some granola (which is to die for) and honey. As you know how much I love a good Smoothie Bowl, I was wonderfully impressed with Rush Bowls.

Finally, to end our morning, we made our way to the Boulder Farmers Market which is basically just an eclectic collection of fresh produce, food trucks, live music, art stands, and all of the people who make Boulder…Boulder. I love the Farmers Market because of the produce. It’s always fresh and colorful and high quality. Plus, a lot of the local farms let you sample some of the fruits and veggies as you walk around. We got to taste some fresh honey, a mango hummus, and had some spicy and refreshing Ginger Limeades. So, overall I’d say a complete success of the morning.

If you are thinking about going, GO. They have them though November and have the best seasonal produce in the Boulder area (info is on the sign below).

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I guess my take away from this excursion is that summer is about being lazy, but it’s also about getting out and experiencing the world. So, take my word for it. Go outside. Go hike. Go eat somewhere you’ve never been before. Go surround yourself with new people and new experiences. Be Bolder. Be Boulder.

Happy Wednesday!

ally renee

In honor of the Darius Rucker concert I was just at, here is the Song of the Week:

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