Mom: “So you aren’t coming home for easter?”
Me: “No, I think I’m just going to stay home and catch up on some sleep. It’s only a 5 day break so it wouldn’t be worth it to fly all the way out for only like 3 days.”
Mom (disappointed but understanding): “Ok, well if you are sure…”
Me: “I’ll be fine, mom. Don’t worry. I’ll just be watching TV and sleeping so it’s will be ok.”
Mom: “Are there other kids going to be there? Will the dining halls be open? Will–”
Me: “I’m a big girl, mom. I can figure all that out. Don’t worry!”

The conversation above happened 2 months ago in January near the beginning of second semester. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why I felt the need to share a supposedly arbitrary conversation with you all, but there’s something special about this convo–I was lying. I’ve been lying to my mom for the last few months. Before I get yelled at for deceiving my mother, it’s for a good reason!

So I’ve been telling me mom for months that I wouldn’t be coming home for Easter break (perks of catholic school…you get an Easter break). Our Easter break is only 5 days long and so that’s a lot of travel for such a short break, especially when I was just home at the beginning of March for my spring break. That’s understandable right? My mom sure was convinced.

Well…I never had any intention of missing Easter. I love Easter. I love Easter egg hunts. I love jelly beans. I love pastel colors. I love church at Easter. There was no way I was going to spend my Easter, cooped up in my room, alone, when I could be at home eating deviled eggs and spending time with my dog (oh and my family…them too). So the second I hung up the phone with my mom I dialed my dad’s cell phone.

Me: “Hey Dad…”
Dad: “Yes. What’s up?”
Me: “Are you anywhere near mom?”
Dad (hesitant): “No…why?”
Me: “Ok so I told her that I wasn’t going to come home for Easter break, but I was hoping to fly home and surprise her… so I was wondering you could buy me tickets? Pretty please!”
Dad: “Yeah, ok, just send me the dates you want to fly home.”

Now if I wasn’t broke I would have paid for the tickets myself and surprised the whole family, but being as I have $134 in my bank account (I’m accepting donations if anyones interested) there was no way I could have afforded the airfare from Philly to Denver. So, shout out to Glen for being such an awesome father and paying for my plane ticket with all of his airline miles. Not that it really mattered in the end…

Here’s how this surprise should have gone:

I was supposed to fly out of Philadelphia International Airport at 3:34pm and land in Denver at 5:55pm. My best friend Nicole was supposed to come pick me up from the airport and then I was going to waltz into my home and yell “Mommy, I’m home”. My mom’s a crier, so she would first have a second of who the hell is yelling in my house which would then quickly progress into a fit of hysterical crying.

…None of this happened. It turns out, that saying we have in Colorado about “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes” is true. It went from sunny and 75 on Tuesday to snowing 18 inches over night. And sadly my plane was not equipped with skis for wheels, so we were not cleared to fly into the blizzard.

My surprise, quite literally, never got off the ground. So I’m stranded in Philadelphia for Easter. I could be at home right now, eating a deviled egg or some jelly beans on my favorite couch with a puppy in my lap, begging for said eggs, but instead I’m alone on my bed, egg-less, puppy-less, and 1,780 miles away from my favorite couch.

With that said, if you somehow see me in the next few days wandering aimlessly around a deserted campus, then know that the scowl on my face is not directed at you, but rather at my current location because I’ll probably be thinking about the Easter Church service and Easter Breakfast, and Easter Egg Hunts that I’ll be missing.

I know I got a little grumpy near the end of this post, but I wanted to end with the hope that you all are enjoying your Easter weekend (if you celebrate). I hope you all are safe, and warm, and surrounded by people you love! Spread a little extra love this season and send some love to those in Brussels who need it.


Happy Friday,

ally renee

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