My favorite part of going home is getting to spend some quality time with my dog. And by quality time I mean watching him run around chasing other dogs and then forcing him to sit and pose for some pictures–which basically means I just stand there and repeat “Hey Thompson…Hey T…Hey pretty boy…Look up here…No look here…THOMPSON! Come back! No stop humping that dog!”

And then after he jumps down from molesting some poor little poodle, he gives you this look and goddamn it how can you stay mad at something with a face like this?

thompson at the dog park.jpg

thompson at the dog park up close

I love the Dog Park, or the DP as we call it at home because if we say the worlds Dog and Park then Thompson’s brain melts and he starts running around the house like it’s his birthday and Christmas and the 4th of July all wrapped up into one glorious walk across the neighborhood–which is adorable, don’t get me wrong, but it’s really sad when he gets excited and you weren’t actually planning on going to the DP.

I think we love the DP for different reasons tho; he loves running around with some doggy friends, sniffing some butts that he hasn’t sniffed before, and humping the occasional puppy. Whereas I, being a non-canine, non-butt-smelling, civilized homo-sapien, like the dog park because of this view. Look at it! Just look! It’s so B-E-A-U-tiful!


thompson and sunset.JPG

dog park walk.JPG

panorama mountains.jpeg


Anyway, I’m sorry about being completely crap about uploading recently, but I’m sure you are all understanding people who are willing to cut me a little slack. I’m bribing you until forgiveness with pictures of my dog! See, you can’t be upset now (Justina).

I hope you are all having a good March so far!  It feels incredibly weird we are already 3 months into the year but hey, I’m not complaining! Let’s hope this amazing weather keeps holding out for a little while so I can get some sun and not look like a vampire (or as Mr. Quach calls me, “The Zombie”). Also, if you are filling out your March Madness Brackets, don’t forget to have Villanova going all the way! #gocats

Happy Friday!

ally renee


One thought on “A Day out at the Dog Park

  1. T and I are headed to the DR later today. We’ll miss you and I’ll make sure the goofball behaves.


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