BREAKING NEWS: we got snow.

Ok, maybe this isn’t all the shocking considering I had everybody and their mother ask me if I survived the blizzard of 2016 and I am happy to report that, yes, I am alive and well. I’m even wearing a dress today (although that has more to do with the fact that I haven’t done laundry in 3 weeks and ran out of pants, but regardless…).

I’ve had my fair share of snow storms, what with growing up in Colorado, but I’ve never experienced anything like the storm we had this weekend. In Colorado, when it snows it’s nothing really exciting. The snow falls in with the same laid back quality that surrounds the Boulder area. Out here in Philadelphia, the snow falls like it’s on a timeline and has somewhere to be. It snowed almost a foot within the first 5 hours of the storm and we ended up getting a total of 22 inches! It really did feel like we had left Philadelphia and entered Antarctica. Cars were buried to the point where you couldn’t tell if it was actually a car or just a mound of snow.

But since the snow settled and Villanova gave us a day off of school (presumably to give us time to dig ourselves out the front door), Kir and I decided to have a little winter photoshoot! It was freezing but we had so much fun goofing off and trying to make each other laugh.


jumpy snow.gif

Leading Kir


Kirsten Snow

camera shy.gif

Kirsten in the snow.jpg

Kir blowing snow.gif


I hope you enjoyed this little bit of silliness. And I hope you had as much fun in the snow storm as we did! Keep warm and dry this winter and as always…

Happy Friday!

ally renee

Song of the Week: A little reminder that summer exists.

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