I love the holiday season because there are so many excuses to break out the craft supplies and fire up the glue gun. This year I decided to try and make a festive wreath. Granted I’m pretty terrible at crafts in general so I didn’t make anything super fancy or pinterest worthy, but I’m fairly proud of how it turned out so I thought I’d share.

It was pretty easy to make. I just got a stick wreath (is that what you call them?) and some berries from Hobby Lobby. There was very little finesse involved in this craft as Nicole and I just shoved the berries into the wreath until it looked decently artsy. We popped some hot glue in a few spots to keep everything together (only two fingers were burned in the process) and then dusted the top with some powdered sugar for a snowy look. Voila! A Wreath!


It’s Christmas Eve! I hope everyone has a wonderful night and a very Merry Christmas (or holiday depending on what you celebrate). Keep your fingers crossed we get some snow tonight! I’d love to have a white Christmas!

Also, if you guys have some free time check out the Norad Santa Tracker. It is the cutest thing ever! They track Santa on his journey all over the world and have little clips of Santa flying over big cities and monuments like the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Wall of China, and many more places he has yet to visit. We used to check this site religiously when we were little and now it’s just fun to pop in every once in awhile and see what Ol’ Saint Nick is up to. They also have fun little Christmas-y computer games, a library to learn about the story of Saint Nick, and tons of music!

Happy Thursday!
ally renee

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