I was talking with Christina earlier this week about what the topic of this week’s blog should be, and we were both pretty stumped. After a few minutes of fruitless deliberation and the consumption of a Holy Ground’s Muffin, our conversation transitioned into what we were going to be doing over the upcoming break. Thanksgiving break. That’s when the lightbulb flicked on above my head and blinded me for half a second by the force of its glow. I felt like an idiot because it took me this long to think of such a simple idea for this week’s post. Thanksgiving=being thankful, right? And what better way to celebrate the Thanksgiving season than by recognizing the people who I’m most grateful for? I know, I know–it’s super cliche to say I’m thankful for my family and friends..and teachers..and all the people fighting for our freedom and what not, but it’s true. I have the most amazing support system in the world and I think it’s about time they know how much they mean to me.

So I started out on a project this week to capture some pictures of the people who mean the world to me. Obviously, I couldn’t get a picture of every single one of you wonderful people–this post would be HUGE if I even attempted to–so if I didn’t get your picture please know that you are in the post in spirit.

There is a quote by J. Baadsgaard that says “If you are grateful for everything, then whatever you have is enough”–I am here to tell you that you guys are far more than just enough…you are everything. You guys inspiring me, teach me, believing in me, and make me laugh. You beautiful people are the ones who make living this life a joy and an adventure. Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for you.



Behind every smile is a group of people who put it there.

I can’t thank everyone of you beautiful people enough (both pictured and not). I wouldn’t be where I am today without your love and support!

Happy Friday!

ally renee

p.s. thanks to my beautiful friends pictured above for putting up with me following them around with a camera all week! ❤



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