Picture this–
The air outside was cool and stung icy kisses across your exposed cheeks, leaving them tinged rosy pink for long minutes even after you find shelter by the window in the last train compartment. It’s a Friday and the train is packed with people trying to get home for the weekend, but you get lucky and find a vacant seat in the last compartment and settle in for the journey. The last rays of sunlight dance through the window pane and sends rainbow reflections across the floor. There’s a lurch and a hiss and then you’re swaying with the dips and curves as the train starts to pick up speed. It’s soothing; like being rocked back and forth in the embrace of a friend you have long missed. The click-clack of the wheels on the track starts to blend together into a lulling rhythm, making the long week of stress disappear into a distant memory. If you just close your eyes it’d be so easy to just…drift…a w a y. Soft guitars and hushed voices filter through the haze and whisper quietly…come away with me.

Can you guess where I am right now? If you guessed that I’m sitting on the train to Harrisburg, PA whilst listening to Norah Jones then either I’m a fantastic writer, or you are the guy sitting across the aisle to me who is wearing a beautifully tailored suit, a light blue tie, and some lovely Birkenstocks with socks to complete his look (I honestly can’t make this up…I wish I could get you guys a picture). I think his name is Keith…at least he looks like a Keith (or a Kevin) to me. Regardless of Keith/Kevin’s questionable fashion choices, I am having a wonderful time. I think I have a newfound appreciation for train rides. I don’t know about you, but watching the world fly by always makes me slightly introspective and moderately melancholy. I love it. I think it’s my internal writer that enjoys feeling relatively lost; it provides the perfect atmosphere for self-reflection and creative writing.

Anyways, I’d thought I’d share my Travel Tunes Playlist so you could share the joys of introspective wanderlust with me. It has a sampling of relaxing artists like Ben Howard and Bon Iver as well as lulling instrumentals that demands you pick up a pen a write, or go out into the wilderness and lose yourself for a while.

So grab your Birkenstocks and a train ticket, plug-in those speakers, and come away with me. 

Travel Tunes

A few of my favorites of the songs above are as follows:

  • Promise–Ben Howard
    • Ben Howard is a God. I’m not joking when this is my favorite song of all time. OF ALL TIME! It starts off with almost a minute of rain. I’ve never heard of another sing like that. It’s absolutely gorgeous.
  • Old Pine–Ben Howard
    • Yes, this is another Ben song, but hear me out–this song is the perfect medley of relation and with an upbeat tempo that just begs you to go outside and experience the world. Wanderlust anyone?
  • Blue Light–Ron Carter
    • This instrumental is the musical embodiment of tranquility.
  • Leave Your Lover–Sam Smith
    • This song might seem a little out-of-place on the playlist, but if you know me, then you know that I can’t go 20 minutes without needing to hear Sam’s voice through my speakers (and yes, we are on a first name basis). This song has the perfect amount of angst and harmony to let your mind and your pen wander.
  • We Played Some Open Chords And Rejoiced, For The Earth Had Circled The Sun Yet Another Year–A Winged Victory for the Sullen
    • Now I can only assume that with a title that long, these composers must also be writers. Maybe that’s why this is one of my favorite instrumentals. It’s lulling and the piano creates some interesting dissonance with the underlying melody that gives the song an understated lullaby that leaves you slightly off-balance.

Ok, I’m sure you’ve heard enough of me rambling. I hope you enjoy at least some of the songs on this playlist. Comment down below if you have any songs you listen too while you travel! Did you have a favorite from this playlist?

Happy Friday!
ally renee

One thought on “Travel Tunes

  1. Love this, love you and wish I could be on that train with you. You must stealthily get a picture of Keith/Kevin. Have a fun weekend, you earned it!


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