I’m homesick. Ok, there, I said it.

Homesickness is a weird kind of illness; it creeps up on you, taps you on your shoulder and then ducks out of sight (like that stupid prank we’ve all done to someone at least once). You turn around, expecting to find something meaningful looking back at you, and instead you get caught looking at nothing and feeling like you are missing something crucial in your life—like pants—or maybe a limb. That’s probably why I am reluctant to diagnose myself with homesickness—I’m not entirely convinced these feelings aren’t just the result of forgetting my keys on the counter this morning. Still, it’s been four weeks since the start of school and Parents Weekend is this weekend, so that lingering feeling of “did I forget to wear pants today” is probably just nostalgia—either that, or I’m completely losing my mind. Let’s just stick to the homesickness diagnosis. The parking lots are filling up and family members have been showing up in a steady stream, giving out hugs and the promise of “real food” (aka: not dining hall food). I’ll admit that I’m slightly bitter about all the love and offerings of fancy dinners that have been going around. My parents live back home in Colorado and can’t fly all the way out to Pennsylvania for a quick weekend to relive their old glory days in college. I find myself missing the hugs and food I would be getting if they were here.

So, embracing my homesickness (or my insanity), I’ve been looking back over some pictures I took while I was back at home in the spring. Which is slightly pitiful. I mean honestly; I feel like I’ve been casted as a Disney Princess, separated from her family with only a few pictures to remember them by. (Shouldn’t I be able to control the weather too? Where is my prince charming? What kind of gig is this?) Ok, well maybe that’s a little dramatic, but give me some slack. I’m an orphan this weekend. Anyways, I found this picture that I took with my dad while we were on a walk around Easter time. …Ok…now I feel guilty. Truth be told, it wasn’t really a walk. In fact, I’m pretty sure I dragged my dad out of the house to come and pose in the sunset for me, but for the sake of this post let’s pretend like we were spontaneous and got caught up in the beauty of the evening.

So, as I was saying, we were caught up in the beauty of the evening while we were on a really long father/daughter bonding walk (we were literally 20 feet from the car) and I just had to capture the moment. I love this picture and I’ve been staring at it for a solid 24 hours (which is probably making you question my sanity again, but remember this is homesickness! I’m not crazy!).

Easter Walk

I wish I could time travel back to this moment and just spend a few more minutes with my dad, in the sunset, while he cracked some terrible dad jokes that I would pretend not to like, but secretly I would think were pretty funny (but don’t tell him I said that. We don’t want him to grow an ego or anything).

So, here’s to you Dad—and Mom—and my brothers—and my little fur ball. I miss you guys! I hope you are having some amazing sunsets this weekend and that you are completely distraught about leaving me to fend for myself while everyone has people who really love them (just kidding, I know you love me)

Ally Renee

4 thoughts on “Orphan Weekend

  1. Love you, miss you and truly do wish we could be there. Homemade chocolate chip cookies coming your way (yes, that is guilt talking).


  2. Ally – there are a lot of people thinking of you, wishing we could come visit, and sending wishes of comfort and energy and joy your way. Even those of us who remember you best from back when you couldn’t pronounce our names properly. 😉

    Awesome photos, and nice writing. Please keep up the great work. We miss you.


    1. Craig (and Mary and the girls),
      Thanks for the well-wishes! I wish I could see you guys too! Maybe we can get together over Christmas break?? Thanks for reading! 🙂


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